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With two young children – having a stylish area that neatly stored away toys was essential. This room was previously our lounge (before we saw sense and built our own adult room) and living amongst toys and general child clutter did not create the sense of calm we so desperately needed.


Having seen a similar design elsewhere, but wanting something that was completed bespoke to our family’s needs, my wife and I created this stunning design. Quirky and functional the three toy cabinets feature a range of open shelving, drawers and cupboards.

Toy cabinet


Oak veneer was used as the main material with the exception of the cupboard doors – where MDF was used. This was important for us to ensure costs could be kept to a minimum. Hanging the cabinets on the wall ensured that there was no risk of the units falling on little people and left the space feel open and airy.

Toy cabinet


Now we have a playroom that neatly conceals the toys and offers us the flexibility to simply change the colour and convert into adult storage later down the line. Eye catching and functional these bespoke cabinets really do the business.

Toy cabinet

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